About us

Our Team

We are proud of our team with many years of experience, which, with its professionalism and competence, works reliably and responsibly in the intermediate chain between suppliers and customers.

We are glad that our employees are growing and improving together with Baltholding OÜ. We believe in our team and invest in building its competencies because we believe that there are no limits to perfection. Only thanks to the responsible and hard work of our employees, Baltholding OÜ can grow and prosper. We work to achieve our set goals, so our team members are demanding of themselves and others. Our purpose is to provide quality goods and services to our customers. For this purpose, we are a team that works together.

The following issues are important to us


We strictly monitor the quality of our goods as well as customer service to be able to provide exceptional services.

Customer service

We solve all issues and problems flexibly, friendly and optimally.


Quality, adherence to schedule and long-term, productive cooperation with partners are the synonyms of our company Baltholding OÜ.

Who we are

An Estonian capital company that trades in dairy products and other frozen, chilled and long-life food products.

We offer a wide range of goods, professional services, quality business solutions. The company provides sales and logistics services to international and local traders.

Our goal is to provide reliable goods and services to our customers, to develop a team of professional staff.

Where to find us?

Our company is headquartered in Estonia, almost in the geographical center of Europe.

Our location provides a logistical advantage to reach the outermost corners. In today’s market globalization, we are easily accessible and can easily reach you.

No matter where you want us to come – southern Spain, northern Norway, England or Slovenia. We can reach you quickly.

What are we doing?

We provide professional trade, transportation and customs documentation processing, mediation services.

Entrust your cargo to us and we will take care of everything. Your items or goods will reach their recipients without additional worries and at the agreed time. You will not have to worry about the documentation and other formalities of the goods declared to customs. Your cargo will be transported safely and reliably. Also, you will be able to track the movement of your cargo. Trust us and we will not disappoint you.